Elementary builds onto the beginning foundations by adding subject areas. They are:

  • Math, Language
  • Grammar, Geography
  • History
  • Botany/Science
  • Zoology/Anatomy

The concrete lessons slowly progress to abstraction.  Our first grade readers have transitioned from "learning to read" to "reading to learn."  At the elementary level there is the introduction of the basal text which provides for some traditional exposure.  All children progress at their own pace and often the program must be tailor-made to fit each childs 

In order to prepare our students to transition into traditional public or private schools our 4th - 6th grade classes are all "traditional" in academic form.


Elementary students receive nightly homework assignments that reflect what has already been covered in the class. The amount of time and effort required to complete these assignments are commensurate with the level of each student’s ability.  Some home assignments may include monthly project work, which will require the student to research and prepare a more comprehensive and lengthy presentation.

Homework class is available in all M.C.M.S. classrooms immediately after school for parents who desire for their children to complete homework assignments before returning home.

Student Evaluations

M.C.M.S. is an E.R.B. (Educational Records Bureau) school, one of only a handful nationwide.  This affords us the right to administer the nation’s most comprehensive student achievement testing battery, the same utilized by the other top institutions in the country.  This test is administered annually for all M.C.M.S. elementary students, with the results provided to parents at the end of the term.  E.R.B. test results provide the clearest view a parent can attain of both the achievements and abilities of their child.

Students receive report cards each semester along with "benchmark" statements to encourage and challenge progress.  Parents are invited to hold parent-teacher conferences twice a year as well.  Parents can also hold informal meetings with the teacher as needed.

An E.R.B. School

What is an ERB school?  We’re glad you asked!  The Educational Records Bureau (ERB) is the most prestigious testing organization of its kind in the United States.  It is comprised of around  1,200 members, all of whom must be recommended by other members in good standing.  Montrose Christian Montessori School received its support from both Flintridge Preparatory and Westridge School in 1994.

Membership in ERB affords us the right to administer the ERB achievement tests to our students grades two through six.  Results from these comprehensive and challenging exams provide parents with a unique perspective on their children’s abilities in comparison with other students in other preparatory and private schools nationwide.  MCMS students have fared quite well historically on these tests, often placing in the top 10-15% of private schools in the nation.

You may be familiar with another ERB product: the ISEE Exam (Independent School Entrance Exam), which is administered to virtually all prospective middle school and high school students who are applying for positions at the top preparatory schools.  Our weeklong battery of tests is an outstanding “trial run” for the ensuing ISEE process.

Who is a member of ERB in our area?  Only four schools including MCMS hold membership in the Crescenta-Canada Valley and Glendale areas, and we are the only Christian school member among the “big three”  Christian schools, which also include Village Christian and Pasadena Christian.